Kennedi Johnson

PhD Student in Ethnomusicology

About Me

I am PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology with a PhD minor in African American and African Diaspora Studies at Indiana University—Bloomington. My present interests can be broadly listed as Black feminisms, education/critical pedagogy, and sound studies. My current research centers around the ways in which race and gender are perceived sonically in the United States. More specifically, I look at how the (mis)hearings of Black girls as sassy, angry, or disrespectful impede their learning in the US school system.

Oh. And I’m from Atlanta, I have a cat named Pablo, and a dog named Roscoe. Those things are very important.

This is the cat.

About this Page

I started this blog because I wanted a space to think through my own experiences as a Black woman in the academy. I wanted a space to talk about white liberalism and rage in the academy. I wanted a space to talk about the anti-Black racism and sexism in the academy. More importantly, I wanted a space to talk about the joy of doing research that is committed to the liberation of Black folks. This blog is that.

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