On the Inaudibility of Black Lives Matter

I made the decision to go to graduate school in the summer of 2015. If you can recall, this was the summer that Dylann Roof opened fire during a Bible study in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. This was the summer Bree Newsome tore down the confederate flag from the South Carolina state house. ThisContinue reading “On the Inaudibility of Black Lives Matter”

List of Books Dealing with Race/Anti-Racism that Aren’t “White Fragility”

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of the state and a national reckoning with our deeply seated racial inequity, many folks are turning to books to become more knowledgeable of the realities of anti-Black racism in the United States. That’s dope! Really! However, based on best seller lists from USA TodayContinue reading “List of Books Dealing with Race/Anti-Racism that Aren’t “White Fragility””

A More Loving Fire: Collectively Reimagining a Better World

“Without new visions we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down. We not only end up confused, rudderless, and cynical, but we forget that making a revolution is not a series of clever maneuvers and tactics but a process that can and must transform us ” Robin D.G. Kelley, Freedom Dreams: TheContinue reading “A More Loving Fire: Collectively Reimagining a Better World”

On (Mis)Hearing of Black Women and Why I’m Tired

Black women in the United States occupy a unique intersection of race, class, and gender that frequently results in their being constantly misheard and denied the right of voice and expression. My work currently looks at how Black girls experience this in the classroom and the ways in which sound is used to deny theirContinue reading “On (Mis)Hearing of Black Women and Why I’m Tired”